About Us

Johnny Oran is the owner of Licia Ruby Chocolate.  He has over 10 years in the culinary industry and has worked in top kitchens across Canada.

Licia Ruby is about family down to its core. The name is pulled from Johnny's two grandmothers: Licia, an Italian-born natural chef who was incredibly influential to cultivating Johnny's love of savory food; and Ruby, his paternal grandmother, whose skill with pastries sparked his own love of creating desserts." 

Johnny discovered the unique quality and flavor of roasted white chocolate when baking pastries for local farmers market. He made a scone that was raspberry and white chocolate.  He found that the white chocolate on the outside of the scones, became roasted and caramelized which was the best part of that scone. Customers began lining up week after week for those scones because they loved the chocolate so much. After leaving the small town of Peterborough, Ontario he moved to Toronto where he became the head pastry chef at one of the best fine dining destinations in Canada, Splendido Restaurant. While there, he started to research ways of producing a more refined method of roasting white chocolate that he could use in desserts. After many, many trial and errors, he found a process that worked and it became such a hit in desserts, that the restaurant started offering it as an end of meal gift to patrons.  Regular customers started calling, asking how they could get some chocolate to take home. 

​Johnny and his family left Toronto to return to their home town of Windsor Ontario. After working at a couple different restaurant were he continue to make the chocolate for guests and seeing the reaction from the community, he knew this was something that had to be made into a chocolate bar for more to enjoy. And so Licia Ruby was started in the summer of 2015.